Today we have a national holiday called “store bededag” in Denmark. It’s translated in English to “great prayer day”, and is unique for Denmark only. As the Faroe Islands and Greenland are connected to Denmark, is it celebrated there as well.

This holiday is celebrated on the 4th Friday after Easter, and dates back to the year 1686 when king Christian the fifth (V) of Denmark decided to make a big feast day to mark the religion of Christianity in Denmark where priests could pray for peace together with the Danish people.
This day is celebrated by eating warm bread or wheat buns to be exact, praying for peace and all shops are normally closed this day.

Coach-Club has strong ties to Denmark, as many of our staff members, coaches and clients are from Denmark.
So, we just wanted to share a little piece of Danish tradition and culture with you.
We wish everybody a great (prayer) day.