TISHNA S - One of our great coaches with several years of experience, both as coach and athlete. Tishna is a certified personal trainer and IFBB Classic Physique Athlete with many great awards and victories from fitness competitions, for example Overall winner of the IFBB Pro Nordic competition in 2019.
He can help you reach your goal in all levels of fitness training, whether you are a beginner or a high-level athlete preparing for a competition.

He offers many different types of training, for example Bodybuilding/Hypertrophy, Boxing, Kickboxing, Conditioning, Functional- and Strength training.

Tishna is available for 1-1 personal training, groups of 2 persons, and classes of 3+ persons, and speaks English. He is currently located and available at various locations in Copenhagen, and Online sessions as well, which is especially relevant during this Corona-situation.

Tishna is very professional and serious about training, and he has a lot of knowledge which we can all benefit from. We are very pleased to have him as part of our Coach-Team!
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